Company Overview

Every organization has certain characteristics that make it unique. For us, it is more the culture that we subscribe to than a company that we work for. 


We are sincere in our desire to help our customers improve processes, use resources wisely, and enhance their knowledge and skill set.


As a result, we treat our customers as respected peers, outlining options and constructively debating with them on the best strategy for solving an issue. 
Relationships are the cornerstone of our business... from our customers, to our employees.


We strive to provide valuable assistance to our clients so we will be invited back to assist with other projects. We are mindful of which product providers we associate with and under what circumstances. Similarly, we are careful when expanding our team, only hiring individuals who share our work ethic and who we have interacted with through professional or personal channels.

Each member of the team has a solid foundation in BI/dEPM systems and several have an accounting background. Our team is large enough to possess a range of expertise and talents and small enough to provide consistency and accountability.